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Gambling is a game of chance that minimally depends on players’ skills, with its main purpose being to gain money or other material values. Gambling is restricted in many countries. As the use of virtual currencies has spread almost everywhere, cryptocurrency gambling has also become more popular among users. Because all digital currencies are decentralized, it seems difficult to regulate it in order to create a user-friendly environment in the games. Also, the decentralization of cryptocurrencies makes it almost impossible for governments to trace the use of money, because Bitcoins are stored on the players’ computers. There already exists some online games that accept Bitcoin with ability to exchange it for internal tokens or use it as the main currency of the game. Besides Bitcoin, there are also sites for gambling with Ethereum and other Altcoins. However, the future of cryptocurrency gambling is still uncertain.
Il protocollo Tron viene principalmente utilizzato da DApp legate al gioco d'azzardo, dimostrando uno scarso interesse in altri casi d'uso
Il mercato delle DApp di Tron è troppo dipendente dal gioco d'azzardo?
Benjamin Pirus
Un hacker ha rubato oltre 110.000$ in EOS spendendo appena 1.000$, sfruttando una vulnerabilità del gioco online EOSPlay.
Un hacker ha speso 1.000$ per vincere 110.000$ su un gioco d'azzardo basato su EOS
Helen Partz
Un ospedale in Scozia ha messo a punto un programma di riabilitazione per curare la dipendenza dal trading di criptovalute.
Fondata in Scozia una 'criptoclinica' per curare la dipendenza dal trading di Bitcoin
Marie Huillet

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