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Pundi X is the world's largest decentralized offline cryptocurrency sales network. The platform helps to facilitate the process of buying goods for digital currency. The project provides a complete solution for the sale of cryptocurrency online and offline. It includes a decentralized sales network, a multi-currency wallet, a decentralized trading platform, a generalized ICO platform, and even offline entry points that are installed in stores. The company wants to distribute their devices, named Pundi X POS, in Indonesia and South Asia due to the lack of bank accounts in these regions. Every device connects to the Ethereum blockchain via XPlugins. The ticker of its internal cryptocurrency is NPXS with a total supply of 175 Mio.

Cointelegraph ha intervistato commercianti e leader del settore crypto, per scoprire perché ancora oggi gli utenti preferiscano fare acquisti con denaro tradizi...
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Andrey Shevchenko

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