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Sometimes, it is important to show feasibility of a project before it is fully realized. The process for this is called a proof-of-concept, meaning an attempt to illustrate the practical potential of a concept or a theory. A proof-of-concept prototype is mostly a small — but sufficient — executed part of the full project. In science, proof-of-concept studies are small-scale studies designed to find preliminary evidence of some idea to gain financing for widening the research process. The proof-of-concept practice has been widely adopted by the filmmaking industry, engineering and security companies, software development, drug development and other fields of work. Sometimes the term “proof-of-principle” is used as a proof-of-concept synonym. However, the usage of this term comes from drug development studies where different meanings are attributed to both terms and varies from author to author.

La banca centrale stanzia circa 255.000$ per sviluppare un wallet campione della valuta digitale emessa dalla banca centrale in grado di eseguire funzioni base,...
Banca d'Inghilterra apre le candidature per il "proof of concept" del wallet CBDC
Jesse Coghlan
SoftBank permetterà agli utenti di tutto il mondo di effettuare trasferimenti internazionali di denaro tramite RCS, SMS o email, utilizzando la tecnologia block...
SoftBank lancia un servizio di pagamenti mobile cross-carrier basato su blockchain e RCS
Helen Partz

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