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Shopping is an activity of selecting suitable goods and services for the future purchase of the best of them. Online shopping is currently a major sector of the retail industry. Shopping sites have taken a large number of customers due to easy usage, lower prices and time efficiency compared to offline shopping. Retail companies try to gather an even larger consuming base by implementing new technologies. Online shopping with Bitcoin within major retailers was first offered by in 2014. There are still very few shopping sites that accept Bitcoin, but the number of them is growing over time. Sites that allow online shopping with Bitcoin can get a larger number of clients by adding crypto enthusiasts and people who want to try cryptocurrency payments into their customer base. Famous online shopping sites that accept Bitcoin are Expedia, Virgin Galactic, Gyft and Steam.

Alibaba ha stretto una partnership con Lolli, consentendo agli utenti della piattaforma di ricevere un rimborso del 5% in Bitcoin per i propri acquisti.
Alibaba stringe una partnership con Lolli, gli acquirenti potranno ottenere 'Bitcoin gratuiti'
Helen Partz
Fare acquisti con criptovalute non è sempre semplice. Una nuova piattaforma mira a rendere i Bitcoin intuitivi quanto le tradizionali carte di credito.
130 caffetterie in Europa hanno iniziato ad accettare criptovalute
Connor Blenkinsop

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