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Tuur Demeester is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor and analyst. Tuur holds a degree in Economics from the Austrian University and currently specializes on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. He is the editor-in-chief of Adamant Research. Tuur Demeester’s Bitcoin career started in 2012 when he first discovered Bitcoin in his research trip to Argentina. Since then, he started recommending investing in cryptocurrency. He frequently shares with his expert opinion about cryptocurrency in terms of the economy, which is very important in determining the investment and market prospects of digital assets. That is why Tuur Demeester’s Twitter is highly popular among concerned user, since he posts his comments there.
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Secondo il fondatore di Adamant Capital, i miner in salute non vendono BTC mentre quelli in difficoltà non hanno quasi più nulla da vendere
La difficoltà di mining continua a diminuire, i miner hanno smesso di vendere BTC
William Suberg
Un nuovo studio ha scoperto che il Bitcoin sta perdendo popolarita nel Darknet.
Il Darknet ha perso fiducia nel Bitcoin?
Patrick Thompson

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