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The Bitcoin Foundation is an American-based, nonprofit organization with several affiliate organizations in other countries, such as Germany and Canada. The Bitcoin Foundation was established to make Bitcoin standards, protect the Bitcoin network and promote the use of Bitcoin for a larger audience. The Bitcoin Foundation is mostly funded by grants, given to the foundation by for-profit companies, dependent on Bitcoin technology. The main idea of The Bitcoin Foundation is to make Bitcoin globally accepted as method of exchanging and storing value. The Bitcoin Foundation is often criticized for political lobbying, working with federal regulators and choosing the wrong priorities, i.e. their stated aim of promoting and protecting Bitcoin while not fixing Bitcoin’s vulnerability and trustworthiness. Still, The Bitcoin Foundation is considered the largest advocacy group in the crypto industry and one of the most important Bitcoin-related communities.

Llew Claasen, Direttore Esecutivo della Bitcoin Foundation, afferma che entro la fine del 2018 il Bitcoin raggiungerà quota 40.000$, ma anche che il 90% degli a...
Llew Claasen della Bitcoin Foundation afferma che il Bitcoin raggiungerà quota 40.000$ e che il 90% delle Altcoin falliranno
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