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Chicago is a city in the U.S. Chicago is the third largest city in the country by population and it is the second financial center after New York. In terms of Bitcoin in Chicago, the city has many conditions for the technology to develop, as the regulation of the state where Chicago is located, Illinois, supports Bitcoin technologies and is optimistic about it. Also, the city has become a place for different cryptocurrency-related conferences, developing centers, Bitcoin ATMs, etc. The Chicago Board Option Exchange (CBOE) announced in 2017 that it would be introducing Bitcoin into the market by trading Bitcoin futures in Chicago, which could lead not only to the attraction of new investors, but also to the reduction of volatility and acceptance of Bitcoin as an official financial asset.
L'azienda spiega i motivi di tale decisione, sottolineando che il mondo crypto è notevolmente maturato negli ultimi anni
Chicago Mercantile Exchange: nel 2021 lanceremo i future su Ethereum
Benjamin Pirus
Il famoso exchange di criptovalute Coinbase chiude il suo ufficio di Chicago e riduce le risorse dedicate allo sviluppo del suo motore di corrispondenza
Coinbase chiude il suo ufficio a Chicago e ridimensiona lo sviluppo del suo motore di corrispondenza
Adrian Zmudzinski

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