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Fujitsu Ltd., is a Japanese IT company that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Fujitsu is one of the most major IT equipment and services provider in the world, alongside IBM, HP and Accenture. The main industries of Fujitsu products are computer hardware and software, telecommunications and IT consulting. Fujitsu’s business system consists of many divisions that are defined by their field of work and geographical position. Fujitsu Laboratories is a division of Fujitsu, which is working on research and development of new products. Fujitsu Labs is working on AI, IoT, deep learning and other promising technologies. Fujitsu Laboratories of America is a division founded for extending the reach of the company to North American universities and companies. The Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center is focused on implementing blockchain-based solutions into the banking system and financial sector.
Il colosso giapponese Fujitsu svilupperà la base di un sistema di pagamento sperimentale che utilizza una valuta digitale, in partnership con nove banche del Pa...
Fujitsu costruisce un'infrastruttura di pagamenti basata su blockchain per nove banche giapponesi
William Suberg
La multinazionale giapponese Fujitsu ha aperto un centro di ricerca in Belgio per esplorare e applicare le tecnologie Blockchain in "tutti i tipi di settori".
Il colosso giapponese Fujitsu apre un 'Centro di innovazione Blockchain' internazionale in Belgio
Helen Partz

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