Notizie sul debito nazionale

National debt is a public debt carried by the federal government of the country. National debt is a result of the financial borrowing of the country made to cover a deficit in the budget. There are two kinds of national debt, such as internal — which means the creditors are the residents of the country — and external — which means the creditors are from other countries. The first country in the world in terms of their national debt is Japan, and the country having the largest external national debt is the U.S. The U.S. national debt can be seen on the U.S. debt clock, set in the center of New York. In terms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin — in some countries with a large national debt — was used as a way to store the value of money. Moreover, some countries use Bitcoin to pay its national debt.

“Grazie a Dio per Bitcoin e qualsiasi altra valuta non-fiat che trascende l’irresponsabilità dei governi, incluso il nostro,” dichiara Cynthia Lummis al Senato ...
‘Grazie a Dio per Bitcoin’, afferma la senatrice statunitense Cynthia Lummis
Helen Partz
Quali misure saranno necessarie per uscire dal circolo vizioso che la crisi del COVID-19 ha generato nel sistema finanziario internazionale?
QE e helicopter money per uscire dalla crisi?
Cristian Palusci

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