SWIFT, or a Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, is a co-operative organization that is the provider of the SWIFT network — a standard for exchanging transaction information between financial institutions. SWIFT was founded in 1973 in Belgium. SWIFT is currently used by most international banks and is famous for its secure and trusted network. That being said, SWIFT has its flaws and is investing in the further development the system. With multiple blockchain competitor companies like Ripple, which plans to speed up and establish the highest level of security in banking transactions, SWIFT is actively working on implementing blockchain technology into their protocol. SWIFT’s blockchain tests have already been conducted and have showed very good results. However, SWIFT’s team concluded that distributed ledger technology should be improved in order for it to be implemented into the international banking system.
Il colosso bancario JPMorgan Chase ha lanciato la propria criptovaluta: si chiama "JPM Coin", e mira a migliorare l'efficienza delle grosse transazioni internaz...
JPMorgan Chase lancia la propria criptovaluta: 'JPM Coin'
William Suberg
Gli utenti "a volume elevato" di Coinbase Pro e Prime potranno ora aggiungere fondi sul proprio account tramite bonifici internazionali
Coinbase aggiunge il supporto ai bonifici internazionali, ma solo per alcuni clienti
Adrian Zmudzinski
Proxeus, IBM Svizzera e altri partner dimostrato come la tecnologia Blockchain può essere utilizzata per registrare imprese molto più velocemente del sistema tr...
Proxeus e IBM mostrano come registrare un'azienda in "tempi record" grazie alla tecnologia Blockchain
Molly Jane Zuckerman
Un resoconto pubblicato da SWIFT mostra come la Distributed Ledger Technology possa essere utilizzata per la riconciliazione dei conti Nostro.
L'esperimento Blockchain di SWIFT per pagamenti interbancari è andato 'estremamente bene'
Molly Jane Zuckerman

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