Interest Rates News

An interest rate is the amount of a charged payment that is additional to the repayment of the principal of the assets that were borrowed. Interest rates are mostly calculated on an annual basis and are charged by cash, consumer goods, immovables and so on. Bitcoin’s interest rate used to cover the interest of the cryptocurrency lender. Bitcoin lenders can also use the USD (United States dollar) interest rate for protection from Bitcoin’s volatility, in case of the falling of the price of an asset. In 2017, Bitcoin lending interest rates were placed around 19.7 percent, on average. Bitcoin forks, price fluctuations, the establishment of new, promising cryptocurrencies and the undeveloped lending market have led to wide Bitcoin interest rate fluctuations, from 3.5 percent to 111 percent. Government regulations of the cryptocurrency industry — alongside regulating rules for ICOs, exchanges and platforms — may influence Bitcoin lending businesses.